Game Sound Design & Music

I offer both sound design & scoring services for games. This includes;

Sound Design:

  • Foley recordings for every kind of creature
  • Sound FX for  items and animated objects
  • Ambient sounds & soundscapes
  • Vocal production (Voice Over)
  • Audio Programming/Engine Implementation
  • Mixing, Enhancement, Mastering


  • Interactive & Non-Uniform Looping music
  • World/Folk/Traditional tunes & scores
  • Band based tunes & scores (Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz etc.)
  • Orchestral scoring (Either  programmed, real or hybrid)
  • Electronic/Synth tunes & scoring
  • Singing & Songs
  • Recording, Mixing & Mastering

All my sound design is based on my own recordings, either field recordings of nature/urban sounds, studio recordings of people/objects,  or electronically synthesized sounds. They are therefore 100% royalty free.

I can deliver audio files  in any kind of format and resolutions up to 196Khz/32bit.

Mixes and mastering can be done for the following speaker configurations; mono(phone speaker), stereo, binaural, VR(spatialization/ambisonic), 2.1 & 5.1

I have programming/audio implementation experience with languages/platforms such as; ActionScript, Objective-C, Swift, C++,  Unity, Unreal Engine, Wwise

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